Trip to Russia
June 7-13, 2005

Our primary purpose for visiting Russia was to visit some of our ancestral German villages located near the Volga River.  The two cities that served as our home base were Volgagrad and Saratov.  In Volgagrad, we were guided by Mila Korentnikova, who not only provided excellent information, but also became our good friend.  We enjoyed our visits with Mila and her family and her mother, who prepared for us a delicious Volga-German meal.

In Saratov, we were guided by Ilmira Khansvyarova  who was very knowledgeable about the Volga-German Villages and we value the friendship that we developed with her.  For anyone who has an interest in visiting former German villages in the Saratov Region, we strongly recommend utilizing the services of Ilmira.  A primary focus of her travel agency is visits to the Volga-German villages.  Ms. Khansvyarova can be reached via email at:  [email protected]

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