City of Volgagrad

Our visit to Volgagrad was so delightful with the able assistance of Mila Korentnikova.  She not only was very knowledgeable but it was a pleasure learning to know her family. 



Arrival at the Volgagrad Airport.   The Hergert flour mill--the only building left as a memorial to WW II--is located on the banks of the Volga River adjacent to the large diorama depicting the battle in Volgagrad.    The amazing Mother Russia monument.
            Russian Orthodox Church near the Mother Russia monument.   Memorial to the Russian Navy.   Our home, the Volgagrad Hotel.   Irena, the kind archivist who provided ancestral information.
  Entrance to the Volgagrad State Archives.   We enjoyed our first meal with Mila at the Texas Bar.   We enjoyed several meals with Mila's family and her mother.   Lizzie enjoyed the dragon and rabbit along with a colorful array of jelly bellies!
    We enjoyed a delicious Volga-German meal prepared by Mila's mother.   An enjoyable boatride on the beautiful Volga River.   Getting ready to say "goodbye" on the train.      

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