Village of Moor

This village was of special interest since it was here that David's maternal great grandmother, Magdalena (Ernst) Hergert, was born in 1839.  As a German village, it's population could well have been in the 3-4,000 range. Today, as a Russian village, it appears to have a population of several hundred.

David at the village sign; sites of the village and a village school

We were informed that the German village extended to the trees on the horizon.

This German building originally served as a serpinta fabric factory. Today it is a town center/cinema.

We met an Ernst family--Alexander and Valentina with their daughter, Paulina; Lydia Ernst planned to immigrate to Germany.  They are possibly distant relatives.

German building which serves as the village store; the home-baked bread we purchased for $.16 was delicious.

Pictured are the graves with the family name of "Ernst."

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