Some of My Favorite Photographs
(Photos copyright 2005-D.Karber)

Elaine and I have traveled to 40 countries and I've posted some of my favorite photos taken in those travels.  I hope you enjoy them!

Copernicus Monument, Frombork, Poland Chopin Monument, Warsaw, Poland Buildings, Gdansk, Poland Buildings, Gdansk, Poland Waterway, Gdansk, Poland Night Street Scene, Gdansk, Poland Train Station, Gdansk, Poland  
Clothes on Washline, Poland Tuetonic Knight's Castle, Malbork, Poland Tuetonic Knight's Castle, Malbork, Poland Window in Tuetonic Knight's Castle, Malbork, Poland Buildings-Elblanc, Poland Poppy Fields, Poland  

Red Poppy, Poland

Former Mennonite Church, Heubudin, Poland
Shipyard Worker Monument, Gdansk, Poland City Hall, Kulm, Poland Polish Countryside Downtown, Krakow, Poland
Mother Russia Monument, Volgagrad, Russia Church, Volgagrad, Russia Volga River, Saratov, Russia Peonies, Khirnov, Russia        
Parliament Buildings, Budapest, Hungary Church Steeple, Budapest, Hungary Castle & Chain Bridge-Budapest, Hungary          
Medieval Castle, Slovakia              

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